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SAVE Suicide Bereavement Support Group Database

The SAVE Suicide Bereavement Support Group (SBSG) Database contains information about support groups in the United States that help people bereaved by suicide. To find a group in your state, please see the table below. Support group listings are arranged alphabetical according to state names.  For instance, groups in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona or Arkansas, can be found on the "A" tab.  If the group is highhighted in yellow it has not been confirmed/updates with SAVE in 2015, but was listed on a previous resource listing. 

Files are PDF format.  To view PDF files, you need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader.  If you have a Mac, you can use the pre-installed Preview application.


States are grouped in the tabs below according to the
first letter of the state name.  
To view document with all groups click here.

 A    C    D-F   G-H    I    K    L    M    N    O       S     T   U-V  W 


Please email SAVE,

  • to inquire about a current SBSG listing,
  • to change a listing, or
  • to suggest a new listing.

SAVE also offers helpful materials to survivors of suicide loss.

Please remember that suicide survivors go through the same grief process as other people do, along with additional problems due in part to the trauma or stigma that often accompany the death of a loved one by suicide. In a Suicide Bereavement Support Group (SBSG), people learn from and reassure each other through sharing experiences and feelings. They discover that what they are experiencing and feeling are normal responses any person would have in similar circumstances.

One cannot work through grief quickly or "get over" it easily. We recommend that you attend a group regularly for a while to help you through the worst of your grief. Some people whose grief remains an issue for them begin participating or continue attending a support group years after their loss.

  • We suggest that you call before you attend a support group for the first time, to verify that the group is still meeting at the place and time listed. If you reach a recording when calling a support group, identify yourself as a suicide survivor to ensure a prompt reply.
  • If you prefer to speak to a suicide survivor rather than attend a support group or if you have further questions, please call save at 1-888-511-SAVE (7283) or 952-946-7998 and leave a message on voice mail. This number is answered during normal business hours and the voice mail box is checked hourly after hours.