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Save. Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

Public Service Announcements

SAVE is a leader in producing safe, targeted and effective suicide prevention awareness campaigns. Our multi-media public service announcements can help you build awareness in your community.


SAVE has two 30 second TV PSA's. The You Can Too! and Middle Aged Male PSA are great public awareness tools for distribution to your local stations, cable systems and community access channels. The spot is available to purchase. Multiple copies can be purchased at a discount rate. Call 952-946-7998 or email for more information.
Cost: $50 each. 

30-Second TV PSA         Buy Now!

30-Second TV Middle Aged Male PSA      Buy Now

Radio PSA's

SAVE 30 second radio PSA reflects our You Can Too campaign and is available digitally or on a CD for distribution radio stations in your community. We like to track where our PSA's are running throughout the country, please let us know where and how often the ads are running in your market. For more information, call 952-946-7998 or email Cost: Disk is $5, Digital version is no cost. Order Now!

30-Second Radio PSA (MP3)


Preprinted billboards are available for your organization to use in your local communities. Billboards are a great medium to reach the public 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Outdoor Advertising companies are very generous to donate the space rental of billboards they have available.

  • 30-sheet posters: $80 each (posters are made of paper and will withstand outdoor elements for 1-3 months)
  • 14' x 48' billboards: $1,050 each (vinyl billboards can last for 2 years or more)

You can also use the artwork to fit subway advertising, bus sides, bus benches, taxi tops, and other outdoor advertisments. To order sign graphics or for more information, call 952-946-7998 or email

14' x 48'



Print Advertisements

Print PSA's are available in a variety of sizes that are suitable for newspapers, magazines and other print publications. You'll receive a camera ready PDF that can be adjusted by the publisher to fit specific sizes. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger version. Doctor, firefighter and EMT photos are available for each ad size. PSA's can be resized for specific orders or customized to include local contact information for an additional cost. Call 952-946-7998 or email for more information.
Cost: Individual ads are available at no cost. The entire package of ads can be purchased for $15.

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