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Save. Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

Fundraise for Suicide Prevention!

Many people feel a personal connection to SAVE and their mission of preventing suicide through public awareness and education because of a personal story or loss.  Online fundraising is a great way for you to be able to help SAVE continue to work to prevent suicide so others never have to experience the pain of losing someone to suicide.  Online Fundraising is an easy way for you to make a difference. People use online fundraising to support SAVE and suicide prevention in a number of different ways:

SAVE Events - The Walk for Mental Health, Tour de Nick or Ride to SAVE Live motorcycle run are great ways to encourage people to support you through online donations.

Named Memorials - Online fundraising is a successful way to raise funds in support of a SAVE Name Memorial.

Endurance Contests - Marathons, bi-athlons, tri-athlons and others races and contests are popular ways to raise money and motivate people to support your cause.

Personal Events - Holding a concert, picnic, walk or poker tournament are effective ways to raise money for charities. Online fundraising allows people who are unable to attend the chance to contribute. We have even had people hold ice fishing tournaments and skydive to raise money for SAVE!

It's easy to collect donations in support of SAVE through online fundraising.  You can create an online fundraising campaign by creating your own custom fundraising webpage and we will give you the tips and tricks to make it a success.  Once your page is created you can send the link to anyone who you think may help you reach your fundraising goal.  Good Luck!

Why Fundraise Online?

There are many advantages to fundraising online. 

  • An online fundraising page is a great way for you to make a personal appeal to those you know about something you feel strongly about. 
  • An online page makes it possible for people who do not live close by but who want to support you and help you raise money for something that is important. 
  • You can add as much customization or creativity to your page as you see fit. 
  • Your page will help you keep track of your donations and support. 
  • All of your fundraising donations will be oragnized and in one place.
  • All donations are tax deductible.
  • And finally it is a free service, you can set up a fundraising page at not cost.

How to Set Up Page

It's easy to fundraise on behalf of SAVE through our online fundraising program.  To get started go to:

All you have to do is follow these easy steps:

  1. Select the program or event you would like to fundraise for. This could be general fundraising, in support of a Named Memorial or to register and fundraise for a SAVE event.
  2. Next, you can personalize your page. You can set a fundraising goal, tell your story, post messages, and add photos or videos. 
  3. Once your page is all set, you can send an email to all your family and friends with the web address and link to your Personal Fundrasing Page.

Some Tips and Tricks for a Successful Fundraising Campaign

  • Tell your story and let people know exactly why you going the extra step to raise money.
  • On your page, talk about why your donating to SAVE and where the money goes.  (You can find this information at the Support Us home page.)
  • Create a personal feel on page by adding photos and videos.
  • Talk about your page and what you are doing, even before you have finished creating it.
  • Get some donations on page by asking close family and friends to donate first so that it will be less intimidating for others.
  • Send personalized emails with your website addresses.  Group your friends together as collegues, former collegueges, neighbors, college friends, members of clubs, etc.
  • Raise awareness about your page.  You can create posters or business cards, add link to email signiture, ask family and friends to send the link to those they know.
  • Let businesses know about your fundraising campaign.
  • Include an update in a follow up email.
  • Make sure to thank your supporters.