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Coping with Loss


If you have lost someone to suicide, the feelings can be overwhelming and can seem unmanageable. For survivors of suicide loss, there is no one way to best handle the tragedy of suicide, but there are tools available that can help you cope with your grief. (And, if you came to this page because you'd like to help someone else who has experienced a loss from suicide, please share this web page's direct address with them:

To begin finding help coping with your grief, please click on the selections under Coping with Loss in the left-hand menu on this page, where there is plentiful free information as well as numerous resources that are designed to help you cope with your loss. This "Coping with Loss" section of SAVE's website is always available, and can be shared with other survivors who are seeking assistance.

SAVE Offers Additional Help to Survivors

  • A comprehensive booklet on suicide grief: "Suicide: Coping with the Loss of a Friend or Loved One" (listed on the suicide prevention Best Practices Registry)
  • A wallet card for survivors of suicide loss: "After a Suicide: Coping with Your Grief"
  • Suicide Survivors: A Guide For Those Left Behind, a book for survivors by Adina Wrobleski, one of SAVE's founders
  • The Named Memorial Program, through which survivors can forever honor people who have died by suicide while providing ongoing support for SAVE's suicide prevention and bereavement programs
  • Almost two dozen SAVE events annually, through which survivors play a key role in supporting SAVE's mission as they continue on their own healing journey.